Thursday, December 11, 2008

Top firefox add-ons for SEO and bloggers to check page rank and keyword density

SEO is not only about learning things in forums like digitalpoint but it also requires you to closely watch your competitors.Learn whether they do keyword density or not , find where they have their precious backlinks.All these can be done with the help of google.But these two add-ons make it easier for you to check page rank of a site,sitemaps,robots.txt,backlinks and keyword density.

I mostly use the add-on to check keyword density and backlinks.

here are the add-ons :


This add-on is one of the most popular add-on.It gives you a complete report on backlinks,keyword density,indexed pages and lot more.

download search status

Live PR

This add-on is just for knowing the page rank.If you dont want to watch the backlinks ,keywords and want to just have an eye on PR ,this is for you.

download live PR


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