Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best Widgets for Blogger blogs

Here are awesome widgets that can supplement the already existing the blogger widgets:

My Favorite widgets among all these are:


It is better to use the contact form instead of giving out e-mails.Spammers are very intelligent in collecting e-mails through blogs.So better use these “contact us” widgets to mask your e-mail.Let me know other resources for widgets through comments.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The power of Newsletters for Internet Marketing – free newsletters through trial period

Newsletters – what is the use?

I see many people not knowing the importance of the newsletters – these are people who have high gravity towards adsense and other CPC money making methods.I get astonished by how many people worrying about their adsense accounts getting banned.Do not worry people.Adsense is not the only method to make money.In fact there are so many methods that are more effective and give higher CPM than adsense.

Adsense is just one of the methods to monetize a web site – Every blog or web site must decide the monetization method depending on the content not because of the ad network’s reputation!!its high time everybody keep this fact in mind.

Like i said earlier,you must first decide the content of your let us say that you are starting a blog about Making Money Online – here are some ways of monetizing:

1.adsense – i am sure many would resort to this even without thinking for a second,



But you missed the last and the best method to monetize a virtual estate :




Why is e-mail marketing so powerful?

The importance of E-mail marketing:

1.Do not depend on anyone – its your empire:

What you need to do is search for people who are interested in making money using their PC.All these days many people were thinking that internet is very useful to search for things,search for sexy a**es – but do they know that they can make money through it?YES.Make them understand that it is possible.And make them subscribe to your blog.It is not that you need to do seo and then get traffic.Use everything – youtube,social networking and every possible website.

2.Do not depend on Google search  and adsense :

So now you need not worry about your rankings in google or smart pricing on adsense or getting banned from any network.You have worked hard and generated a list of 1000 e-mails who are INTERESTED IN MAKING MONEY ONLINE.This is laser targeted traffic – remember that !!

3.Recurring income :

With the use of adsense,you are not going to get recurring income.But if you collect the e-mails of people who are interested in knowing more,you can make money for years to come.



No Guys.This is what many people miss.Why do you say e-mail marketing is spam?If you know about making money online and have been benefited by a product that helped you make money online,let the others know !Let them know that this particular product is nice and has been tried out by you – be serious and care about people.Those people do not want rubbish bullshit from you.Just give them value and they will stick to you forever.Throw out the idea that it is spam.

Which is the best e-mail marketing service?

One of the cheapest and the best e-mail newsletter service is this:

email marketing solution

This company provides you the email marketing software that is going to make your e-mail convert in to cash.Get serious about this iContact Email Newsletter Tool and you will see the cash in your bank account.They also have a trial period.

Again remember that e-mail marketing is one of the best ways of making money.Do not limit yourself to adsense or adbrite.

Your aim,as an internet marketer should be this:

There are people looking for solutions – i have the solution – let them reach through internet

Simple right?Make things simpler and you will see results.

Hope this post was useful to you and i made things clearer about adsense.

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