Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top repeated questions regarding adsense and blogging in forums

I like forums a lot since i find them a place where we can exchange our ideas about everything we have always wanted to discuss with the world . But people always  waste their time by asking the FAQ in the forums . too lazy to search , arent they ?

So here is the list of questions repeatedly asked [ or should i say stupidly asked ? well is there a word in the dictionary - “stupidly” – oh i see its an adjective ] ::::

1 . how to get traffic from google ? – THIS IS THE most FAQ  ON EARTH , I THINK .

2 . Very low CTR .Please help guys !

3 . how can i increase my adsense income ?

4 . earn $1000 from adsense now ! [ although this isnt a question – this is FPT in all forums ]

wonder what is FPT – > frequently posted thread ; i coined that term .cool isnt it ?

5 . how can i increase my eCPM ?


so the next time you think of posting any of these threads in the forums , please use the search bar and then think of posting  them .bcoz there are trillion billion trillon …. questions out there like these !!


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