Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Selection of web hosts using a rating site

How do you select a web hosting service yourselves?Do you read their claims and believe them?Or do you use rating web sites and read their reviews.I would say the latter option is so much better than the former one.In fact,nothing beats the latter choice.Using rating sites which give away a web hosting directory coupled with the detailed reviews and the pros and cons of each hosting company will help big time in making sure that your site gets stored in a credible place.The time you spend on choosing such a good service will serve you for a lifetime.

But aren’t those sites biased?

Nope.not at all.Who told you that they are biased in any way.Some might think that the top places in ratings are achieved by the hosting services that provide maximum commission.But the truth is not that and it is pretty much beyond that.You google the term “web hosting rating” and see for yourself.Do you see all sites listing some of the most known sites as the top hosting services.Well,that is because they simply are the most credible.It clearly is an indication that the web hosting rating sites are not biased at all.

If you are considering going for a VPS hosting instead of the convention ones,you may check out the below link:

VPS hosting rating

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blog on a free web host – is that fine?

Most people start blogging on a free hose.Once they see their earnings inflate,they think about searching for a shared hosting.That is a good move but people who are on free hosts like blogger must also understand the risks involved.One of the things i want to point out is that blogger had been banning a lot blogs since the past few years through bots.These bots look for spam signals and delete splogs but the problem is not that.As you could imagine,the real problem with deletion of supposed splogs is that sometimes,they delete real blogs on which bloggers had spend enormous energy and time in to their development.

So what to do?How to escape:

Go to any web hosting rating site and pick one that suits your budget and needs.Once chosen and blog is setup there,there is no need to rely on free hosts.You have your own space and there can be no one who can ban your blog without notice.There are many best dedicated hosting sites too.So if you prefer dedicated hosting instead of the other counterparts,you can look into that.Its all your choice.

But if you prefer to be on a free host like blogger for a couple of months until you learn the abc of blogging then its fine.just make sure that you are backing up the entire blog so that if anything goes wrong,you are able to switch to a shared web hosting.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are Internal links within articles really needed?

Many wonder if they really need to place links to their inner pages within the blog posts?After all,the related posts section below their blog posts or articles are pointing to the inner pages,right?But yet many experts agree that giving links to your other related pages within the blog post does really help.And the reason for such suggestion does really seem acceptable.If you had lived in a cave for the past months,you must not have known the importance of eliminating the value given out by the comment links.I am sure that the Googlers concerned about the search results quality are working day in and day out to kick the asses of those comment links as well as the sites trying to use them for their link building campaigns.When it comes to the comment links and links within an article,the latter,obviously,is going to be given the most value.
And hence,the links within an article,is going to be very much significant compared to the one outside of the article.So,the bottom line is:
Do not think twice for linking out to your other pages within the article.Each time you write an article,do not rush to hit that publish button.Patiently,surf through all the pages,look for related articles and include them as links within the article you wrote just now and are extremely eager to publish it.
This might not cause a huge effect in a couple of months.But when your site has 1000’s of pages in a few years’ time,you will notice splendid effects in your site ranking.I have even seen many sites whose page rank had got increased due to the sheer amount of web pages they contained.Of course,i do not want to start the debate of whether page rank is important or not.Many do wish to sell links and at least for them,the goal to increase page rank and eagerly wait for the PR update each month will seem important and i am not underestimating or discouraging that act.

Just realize the importance of giving out links in your every article.Let the links be detailed.I mean,give out links to articles with long tails as the anchors.This would be helpful if your site is new since you will able rank for long tails and that will be so much encouraging for the newbies.But if you are  so concerned about ranking for the biggies [the main keywords],then pick the keyword you want to rank for as the anchor text.It all depends on what you want.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Never ever have bad neighbors in your outbound link profile

It is easy to be dragged by the Gravity of page rank in turn leading to link exchanges between your site and that of the High PR.But it is extremely vital to keep in mind that PR does not mean a valuable site or a site that is worthy of linking.Some times,i get link exchange offers that have a high page rank but when i check the Google index for that particular site,there would be no pages indexed.This clearly is an indication that the site has been banned by Google.


So would you link to such a site?Not at all.Never do that mistake ever.You will either see a drop in your rankings or may be drop in the site authority.Think twice before going for the link exchanges.This is why sites that offer website grading services are really useful.What’s more,most of them are free and would be instrumental in helping you know if the site is good or not.


Here are some of the sites you can use to check if the link profile or get a rank of the site:





Since there seems to be a limit when it comes to how many outbound links you may have on the home page [not a necessity but most web masters comply to that so as to remain on the safe side],make sure to choose the best relevant [if possible,of course] good quality link exchange partners.Because once you have linked to anybody,you are not going to be removing it easily,at least not without notification.So,Do it right the first time.Wait for the high PR as well as the old,established sites.

How to pick a SEO service provider

There is going to be no hassles for people who know what SEO is and how some people trick others in order to provide the low quality SEO services for a considerable amount of money.So what really is the way for the small business owners who have just entered the online market to pick the best SEO providers.Fortunately,there are many ways you can detect a legit link builder or SEO company.Here is a list showing the things you need to look out for while resorting to outsourcing of the SEO part:


1.Look for what sort of links they are going to get for your site.Remember that not all links are equal.This is extremely important.If a person gives you hundreds of links from the same IP,there is going to be more suspicion by the SE algorithms on your link building activity.This may even result in a penalty,

2.Look for the type of link building methods they employ.Most people provide a blend of the old as well as the modern methods.The modern methods include the link wheels,

3.Get a sample report.Getting such reports will give you an idea of what you will be receiving as the benefits at the end of the whole project.Long story short,this will be a foresight for you.


If you are searching for a local SEO company in Dubai,you may try out SEO Dubai services who provide the best SEO services at reasonable prices.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SEO consultancy can provide the much needed help for your web site

Small business owners who do not have a clear idea about optimizing their web sites for search engines can contemplate on getting the SEO consultancy services from a reputed company or an individual.A reputed SEO consultant will be doing a thorough analysis of your site and be able to make the recommendations which when done will bring an enormous boost to your site rankings.But you need to keep in mind that there is much more work to be done after getting the SEO consultancy.


In short,the SEO consultant will be able to get you on the right track.You need to travel the path yourself or again outsource the work to somebody else until you reach the destination [aka top SERP positions].This might seem a tedious work for people who have just entered the Online business but the truth is that you will not regret it for sure when the consultancy had made a big difference in the SERP positions.


Things to look out for while picking the SEO consultant:

=>Make sure that the price is reasonable and not over the limits.Compare various consultants or at least look for referrals if you do not want to be ripped off,

=>Another way to know if the consultant is really good is to see how many years they have been operating and how many clients have got consultancy services from them.This is an easy way to see their credibility and reach.

Some SEO consultants are also providing free SEO analysis.This is a clear sign that they are more interested in gaining your respect and trust rather than just money.But understand that this does not mean only those who provide free SEO analysis are the safest options.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Starting with a blank sheet in Internet Marketing

Before i begin to explain about the blog post title,i want you to go techcrunch.com and look at their ads arrangement.If you do not want to spend a few seconds trying to load that page,at least have a look at the below snap:




Do you see something odd there about the way the ads are placed? If you feel that it is odd and even not the most effective place to keep an ad then you are wrong.Because what i feel is that it is the best place for an ad at techcrunch.Why does everyone want to place an ad in the side bar?Just do not follow the herd.Think out of the box and think how you can make the readers notice every ad you place on a site.


And look at how they have broken down the number of ads into three blocks of 4 ads each.This is a great way to show exposure to each and every ad.

This is why i said we need to be starting with a blank sheet in Internet Marketing.Look for what will work best for your niche and your site.Do not follow the herd.Although difficult and strange it may seem,that is the truth and it will give you more benefits.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Autoblogs/sites are not spam when they look cool,eh?

I have always wondered how some of the sites in the internet thrive even though they seem to be just auto blogs or sites but with a cool design that looks grand too.So is that what makes an autoblog legit?This is the time when google has been punishing a lot of autoblogs but the fact that a lot of them are in fact making loads of cash despite being auto sites makes me a little sad.Hope they take action against them soon to let the legit sites come in front of the SERP.

Despite the non-banning of such auto sites,one thing that provides web masters relief is that they are not on the top on the SERP.But they do come at the top for long tail keywords which again is a sad thing in this age of search engines.


How to make an auto blog a superstar?


1.Get loads of inlinks – it would be great if you are already equipped with a network of blogs,each containing thousands of pages.Sitewide links from the footer will do the trick without any faults.

2.Create a perfect design mashing posts from hundreds of sites in the internet.

3.Look legitimate – this can be done by using a cool logo,social networking within the site and by providing some other features which,of course,nobody will be using.But that makes them look supercool,isn’t it?And that is all they want.No editors,no writers but thousands of search engine visitors from all parts of the globe.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do directory submissions still work?

Gone are the days when directory submissions were enough to get a decent placement in the SERP.Here are the days when lots of other techniques like the link wheels,link bait rule the SEO industry.Is that what you thought?Well,you were correct but not so correct too.I say you were not so correct because directory submissions are still valuable.But that does not mean ordering a 1000 dir.submission package will help you reach the top position in the search results.

Submitting to quality directories that do indeed review well and accept only quality sites will definitely help in your endeavor to dominate any niche.


Reasons for why dir.submissions help:

1.helps you achieve link diversity,

2.dofollow links,

3.permanent links – remember that link age is also an important factor in addition to the link diversity.


Getting an automatic directory submitter and submitting to the quality sites will go a long way in getting you one way links.Of course,you can do it manually but the time it would take will be enormous if you are looking for submission to a large number of directories.Alternatively,usage of an automatic directory submitter will not only ease the job but also gives you ways to modify the title and descriptions.It has always been believed that using different descriptions during directory submissions is much better than using the same ones in every submission.In that case,these dir.submitters is the best choice you have got.

Link wheels and directory submissions:

I agree that link wheels have been creating a lot of buzz nowadays and it seems the directory submissions might lose their buzz in the near future.Even if it loses buzz,there is no doubt that directory submissions help in giving link juice to your site.Particularly,submitting to the niche directories will not only increase the SEO value but also could give you targeted traffic.Look for the best auto directory submitter and start your link building today.

How much is Google’s revenue gonna go down after it leaves China

I was thinking about how much Google is gonna lose if it leaves China.Fortunately,an article posted in RWW today gives an answer to this question.I quote the estimate below:

Estimates put Google's projected 2010 income from business in China at around 2% of the company's entire revenue


Here is the link to the RWW article where the above estimate was found:



2% of the total revenue?That does not sound huge,isn’t it?But still,like it was mentioned in the article,Google would have got a larger share in the future and hence it would mean that their losses are definitely more than 2 percent.

What do ya think?

Monday, January 11, 2010

The holy grail of MMO

So what is the holy grail of MMO gonna be?

Reading SEO blogs?

Following the super affiliates?

Being a dreamer?


The truth is that the holy grail of MMO are :

1.finding desperate niches,

2.being good at finding the SEO footprints or being good at creating buzz thereby throwing seeds of link bait,

3.keep your head open to new ideas everyday.


Of course,if you are good at doing PPC campaigns or bum marketing rather than finding the SEO footprints,then you can replace the second point above by your desired way of marketing.But this is the way to MMO.

And the bad news is that the amount of information about MMO only leads to information overload,let alone getting desperate after not making money.This is why taking consultation always is a good idea.but i know about people.They will never think that consultation is good.Consultation is another way to lose money,isn’t it?eh?But the reality is that it is not.Good consultation will make you see through the fog and get into money making methods quickly.And so does a good e-book that does not only show stellar earnings but also talks about real money making methods.Period.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Makes Cheap Web Hosting Companies Successful

When it comes to web hosting, there are many types of services that are available. There are expensive web hosting servers in which you have a private server and there are cheap web hosting services that are available to customers that share the server with others that are seeking web hosting services. There are many hosting companies that are available, but the most successful companies have hundreds of thousands of customers that are sharing the servers where the information is stored.

Through the fees which are paid to the web hosting company each month, the web hosting company is able to make a profit. In return for the monthly fees that are provided to the web hosting company, individuals are allotted a portion of the space on the server, to store videos, pictures and many other types of media files that can be seen on the internet.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Has e-mail marketing lost its effectiveness?

Gone are the days when you have to depend on just the ppc networks to make money.These are days where people say MONEY IS THE LIST.Period.


So is money really in the list?


Yes.Money is definitely in the list and there are lots of reasons for telling just that.Here are some of the most important ones:

1.E-mail marketing gives you more time and more chances to make the customer understand everything about why your product or the product you are promoting is the solution they are looking for,

2.Some might think that this is spamming.No it is definitely not.What you are really doing is letting the customers decide if the solution you provide is really the one they are looking for or not,

3.Remember that you can contact the customers time and time again to let them know about the newest products you have created.So the customer contact is with you for life time.


Knowing that money is in the list is just not enough to dive into e-mail marketing and start making money off the list.What you need is the email marketing software that will help you reach the customer and present in the best possible way to show off the effectiveness and the elegance of your product.A proper email marketing solution is just as important as having a proper marketing strategy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SEO and Subtitles Gain Prominence

Use Subtitles to Tell the Reader about your Article.

Have you read a newspaper or magazine article recently?  You should take a look at how these articles are structured.  Most articles begin with an eye catching title that has a keyword in it to get your attention.  For example “TSA Tests Nuclear Detection Devices at Airport” is going to catch your attention during the holidays because it could affect your travel time if you fly to the US.  Often the title is short and to the point while still gaining your attention.


You also have the option of using subtitles for search engine optimisation purposes.  Subtitles allow you to expand on your point to help the reader gain more information about the article without having to read it.  A subtitle can be more creative while using keywords.  After the subtitle you can move further into your description of whatever you want to discuss.  Subtitles may not help in Google page rankings, but you can be sure that the keyword will be considered relevant and help Google choose your site over others based on what the customer is searching for if you use them in the subtitles.  Our eyes are also drawn to bold words.

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