Friday, August 21, 2009

Anti-virus – how to pick the best one out of an ocean of products?

Most people would not be able to live without the internet and the constantly updating RSS feeds.Who needs television?Internet provides updates regarding latest news and entertainment.But the problem associated with internet is still making people afraid of online transactions and trading.Moreover there are so many websites and intruders waiting to capture the sensitive information sent from your personal computer.Visiting certain websites [usually gambling and pornography] might spread the virus into your computer and affect all important files.The best way to use the internet for all purposes without any worries is to buy a anti-virus product and have it in your system.

So how do you choose the best anti-virus?


=>virus definitions must be constantly updated  - there is no point in identifying viruses that were created during the early 21 st century.New viruses are spread every day in order to affect systems effectively.The anti-virus software and data base has to EVOLVE in order to catch and destroy all the viruses.So make sure that the anti-virus database gets updated frequently,

=>light-weight – the resource consumption has to be minimal so that other programs are run concurrently without any difficulty,

Internet Suites are different from anti-virus.If you are going to buy the internet suite then you must remember that it will cost a little higher than the anti-virus software.But it is worth buying.This is because internet suite will protect your computer from virus and would also prevent children from visiting unsuitable content.

The best anti-virus software in the market is zsecurity – this internet security product is one of the best products capable of protecting your PC from the intruders.It provides anti malware and anti-spyware features so that no sensitive information is stolen by intruders.


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