Saturday, September 26, 2009

Create Uber cool pre-selling pages and landing pages

Want to create uber cool pre-selling pages and landing pages but do not want to spend money for hosting or domain?Well,you are not alone.Most of the newbies,and even seasoned marketers alike,try to use free hosting and test things and then proceed to buy a domain to scale up.So in such a case,using the blogger is not such a good idea because those templates just does not seem to work well as a pre-selling page or a landing page.Most of you might want to use a zero sidebar template and there is no way you are going to get such a blogger template.Of course you can do it if you know at least html and css,but if you do not,there is really nothing to worry about.

Here is an awesome way to build such pages and host them too for free:

You can create any column template you desire and the interface is too cool to resist.I just love the web site builder and you can create up to 10 sites.But yes of course i think you know how to build more than 10 if you need really ;)

Let me know about more such cool things through the contact form.I will give credit to you too.

stay cool.


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