Sunday, December 13, 2009

Review sites – have higher conversion rates than anything else

When a newbie gets started out in the Internet Marketing field,he think alls about how to get thousands of people per day to his site.But little does he realize that even if 5 people visit his site,he can make a good chunk of money each month.


Surprised …?Well,then,it means you are a newbie ..


Let me explain this to you how.Suppose say you have an affiliate site.It is promoting the products whose average commission is 40 USD.Now like i said earlier,let the visitors per day be just 10 ! No more dreaming of 1000 or more visitors.It just is not possible for everybody once you are a beast at doing IM or spamming [that is a different story].

Now let us say that out of 10 people,1 of them buys the product linked by your affiliate ID.So that means your earnings are 40 USD per day – that implies,1200 USD per month.Isn’t that cool?

But little does he realize that even if 5 people visit his site,he can make a good chunk of money each month.

But wait..there are two factors:


There are two important factors when it comes to getting great conversion rates.Here they are:

1.laser targeted visitors – you might already be familiar with this,

2.type of site – it could be an informational site,review site or an affiliate site.Let me tell you more about the review type of sites because they top the list.


Review sites rock – WPReviewEngine plays pivotal role:


The best thing about review sites is that they are not only easy to build but they also convert like hell.Getting conversions like 10 or 15 % could have been a dream to you till now.But once you start experimenting with the review type of sites,the Dream will become a reality.

One of the wordpress plugins that makes building review sites is WPReviewEngine – believe me guys.You will be amazed by the themes and the type of sites this little plugin creates for you.


See for yourselves:

If you want to know how the sites created by this plugin look,here is the link to it:

WordPress Review Plugin

I am sure you will be amazed.


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