Saturday, December 12, 2009

Problem with article directories and Google Indexing

Bum marketing is a great way to increase traffic to your site,let alone the cool conversion it paves way for.web masters can submit at least about 100 articles to the directories and in the process,they can get 100 or even 300 links [3 links per article] from 100 different c-class IPs.But there is a huge problem with the method of bum marketing.People starting out in the internet marketing field face these problems listed below:


1.many directories take way long time to approve the articles.This discourages people to pursue bum marketing for their SEO.

2.Lots of directories approve the articles.but the problem is that they do not get indexed by Google.This might due to the factor of duplicate content.

3.Writing the articles – ya,i know how hard it would be to write articles about a topic such as Grills or chairs.ha ha.But still,if you do not want to articles around those keywords,try writing articles in some other niche and link your desired web site in the author resource.There is no harm in doing such a thing.


SEOmoz had published a very interesting article about the limit of Google indexing a few weeks back:

Rand rightly points out that Google [and so do other search engines] cannot index every web page.This will be so true as the output from webmasters and the number of bloggers increase in the future.There has to be an indexation cap.


So this clearly means that Google cannot index all articles in all the article directories.It has to weed out at least the duplicate ones.This is because of the duplicate content contained in them.But still many unique articles also do not get indexed and this causes a lot of frustration.Although bum marketing has a lot of advantages and is a perfect technique for the newbie marketers,there is no doubt that there are other preferred methods over it.


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