Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get keyword report through SERP analytics – free seo keyword tool

I have listed a lot of seo tools in this web site and this is another post introducing you to an awesome tool which although not unique could be useful for analysis of keyword or a web site.This is the tool which is to be reviewed here:



Here is how this online tool can benefit you:

Enter a keyword and get detailed analysis:

example keyword entered:IPHONE


Results shown by the online tool:


How was that?


Here some more useful stats that can be got through the usage of this tool:

You can enter any domain you want and see their SERP positions and how much traffic each keyword receives.Again these features are available in so many other tools or you can see them using the adwords tool directly.But still there is no doubt that it can save ample time.Productivity is very important,isn’t it?


EXAMPLE DOMAIN :en.wikipedia.org

Stats obtained:




Do not see the above stats,..you are sure to faint by seeing those results .. lol .. wish i had a web site like that.


Email Marketing Solutions said...

Great Tool. Hope this plugin will be useful for me. let me try this out.

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