Friday, December 25, 2009

Start link building - try out the Link Acquisition Assistant from SEOmoz

If you are confused about how to kick start your SEO campaign yourself instead of outsourcing it,i just have one thing to say.JUST START ! Do not think too much.Planning is good.But doing nothing to your marketing campaigns does nothing too.Taking action along with a strategy is a sure-fire way to success regardless of how many failures you come across.


So how to start the SEO campaign?

You can start it with one of the below methods:

1.article submission, submission,

3.web 2.0 marketing


But wait,there is one another tool that seems a little promising.If you already know a ton of link sources,there will be no need of this tool.But if you are new and are totally confused,then this tool can come pretty handy:


The inputs that need to be given to this web tool is also simple.It would just take a couple of seconds and the output comes in light speed.Give it a try.


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