Friday, October 23, 2009

Will pubcenter be released to all or just US publishers?

There is going to be no surprise when i say that microsoft and Google are going to be facing each other in a fierce competition in the near future – this is primarily due to two reasons:




I have checked the SERP of a lot of niches in Bing and what i have observed is that it is not bad at all.In fact,it is nearly as good as Google’s search results.I do not want to explain about the quality of the Yahoo SERP because the whole web mastering world knows that.This is why i think,perhaps,they are going to mingle with Bing for providing the SERP.It was a very good move indeed.But for people who have excellent results in Yahoo and not in Bing,this will not be a great news.


Anyway,i wonder if Pubcenter will be released to all or just US publishers like the YPN does.Hope they understand that there will be a lot of advertisers coming for the pubcenter network,especially after Google had banned several advertisers from the Adwords program.Everybody expects a competitor to adsense,Don’t you?


What do you say?Don’t you wish pubcenter opens to people all over the globe?


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