Sunday, October 4, 2009

Do not kill your website with an incompetent webserver

Each website has its own demographics of which the number of site visitors plays an important role.But most people do not realize how important the role of server is.Today i had seen a listing for a website sale in one of the auction sites and i am shocked by the facts listed there.Why was i shocked?The admin of the web site says that the site had been down for majority of the time and hence led to decline in adsense revenue.It is high time everyone understood that choosing a hosting service is much more than choosing the service that has a lot of customers.


You have to choose the one that best suits your website.Suppose say the site gets a million visitors each month,would you stick with a normal server?Not at all.You would require a dedicated server so that there are no hiccups in delivering the content.

This is why i recommend the services of the dedicated web servers and the backup servers.

What … a backup server?

I guess this should have been your response after reading the above sentence.Seriously .. do you think you will not lose data under any circumstances?Anything can happen and there are chances,although minimal,that your data on the web site may be lost.That would mean a loss of thousands of dollars that receives lakhs of visitors each month.

Do not wait…get a dedicated web server today and save your website and in turn your cash flow from the ruins of a shared web hosting.


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