Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do not get intimidated by the number of inbound links,instead see unique domains

So you find a niche and think of starting a blog or an e-commerce web site around that niche.So how do you decide if it is worth targeting that niche?You will see whether there is potential sales or not,and would also see if it is possible to hit the top SERP.

How to see if it is possible to hit the top SERP?

Look at the inbound links and see how many links there are

Is this what you thought really?If so,you are wrong.I would not say wrong.But it is not the best way of analyzing the competitiveness of a website.Instead what you need to do is look at the number of unique domains that link to the competitor.This is the best way of analysis since most seo experts have stressed the importance of getting linked from several domains and also several IPs.


How to see the number of unique domains linking to a web site?

Use the below tool to know how many domains link to your potential competitor:



But why is this so important?

This becomes important because some web sites would have links coming from two or three web sites which have thousands of pages each.This means you will see thousands of links and get intimidated.You would say to yourself – “fuck.this niche is highly competitive.i cannot get the top SERP!”.But it is not what you thought.


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