Thursday, December 10, 2009

Starting and succeeding in webmastering – what does it take?

There are three stages when it comes to a webmaster’s success:


1.hearing the word web mastering,searching for resources and getting inspired by some IMers’ successes and fat checks,

2.learning everyday about IM,overwhelmed with too much information,becoming envious of others’ successes,

3.realizing that learning everyday about different marketing strategies and search marketing is going to take them nowhere – this is when the webmaster-wannabe plunges himself in to real action.This is when people realize that all those so-called-IM guru’s ebooks will be of no use to them if they do not take action.

Those three steps pretty much cover everything.So for a person to come through all three stages and then ultimately succeed,it takes a lot of patience,persistence and hard work.You cannot expect to sit all day,read RSS feeds,be tweeting and then say f**k off to IM.

You cannot expect to sit all day,read RSS feeds,be tweeting and then say f**k off to IM.


More tips:


1.It is better to be involved in some popular webmaster forums to be up to date with all the the new IM strategies,news and tools.You will always have something to learn each day.There is no end to that and your passion for IM success.One of the forums you can try is the Webmaster Web Hosting Forum

2.For buying or selling any web property or service you own,you may try out the Webmaster Marketplace.It is so easier to buy already existing businesses.Remember that you are not just getting the profits but also the credibility associated with the old business.It is worth buying from marketplaces rather than starting everything from scratch.

3.Take Action.Period.


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