Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pubcenter ads – Do they make a difference?

well, i agree that pubcenter wants to be a strict competitor to the adsense network but have you seen the ads by pubcenter?Here is one of them:

pubcenter ads


This ad was spotted on hubpages and as you could see,it is possible to show a thick black border below the ads.But doesn’t that look strange?It even looks a bit unprofessional.Anyway,it is great to see that these pubcenter ads are different [in terms of looks] than the adsense or overture.Hope there are many more customizations like these that could be made by web masters.Going off the track and trying new ad looks is definitely going to help all publishers relying heavily on these sort of ad networks.


And do you think that the above pubcenter ads will perform insanely in terms of the CTR?I guess yes.Despite the terrible look of the ad,i am quite sure that the CTR will be a little high.


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