Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PDF Conversion made easy with “pdfconverted” software

Searching for a PDF conversion tool?.There are lots of tools that are capable of converting the word documents to the PDF files and vice versa.One of the best softwares to do this conversion can be found at pdfconverted.com.Here are the features of this software:

1.give password to the documents and thus protect it from unwanted people,

2.change all your adobe pdf documents to the word files,

3.do conversion of word to pdf documents.

This pdf software is one of the best available in the market and this is also capable of running in all windows operating systems.So it does not matter whether you have xp or vista.These days it has become a big problem for many people since the softwares that have been running under xp does not seem to be compatible with higher versions.There would not be any such problem with this pdf conversion software.

More advantages ….

=>user friendly interface,

=>split pages from pdf files.

Hope you found the right conversion tool here.


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