Sunday, October 18, 2009

A lost ball in the high weeds – the SEO and MMO beginners

IM,SEO and MMO beginners will be the most frustrated persons until they find the real method to make money through the internet.The truth is that is not so easy and most people never wait to succeed.What makes so many losers when it comes to the IM success:


1.Finding the right resources is not so easy – there is hell lot of information that it becomes too hard to get the big picture from so many bread crumbs.But whoever waits patiently and gets the big picture succeeds and the success keeps rolling like a snow ball,

2.lack of Patience,

3.too much dependence on IM Guru’s sayings,

4.Constant reading of everything related to IM but no action,

5.Bullshit e-books that salivate every IM beginner but does not offer serious advice and suggestions for success but instead throws out some shit revenue screenshots by the ad networks paid to the IM Guru.


“What you think you become” – if you are not ready to plan out a strategy and try everything yourselves,get out of IM pls.


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