Monday, September 21, 2009

File extension jad – what is the use really?

Have you seen the file extension jad?It is amazing to see how many extensions we have never heard of.This is one of the extensions about which most people will have no idea.So i thought i may give a little description about the files that are marked with an extension jad.

The file extension jad is given to those files that work along with the jar files in order to form a midlet suite.These are programs developed for a mobile device or a personal digital assistant.So if either the jad file or the jar file is missing,the application would not run and you need to get another file that is not corrupt.


What information does the jad file contain?

As you might be knowing,the jar files have all the java class files while these jad files would have information like the version number,application name and size etc,.

Hope you got vital details about the file extension jad.


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