Monday, October 19, 2009

How to bring lots of people to my web site?

So you have a question – “How to bring lots of people to my web site?”.And i have an answer which will be very interesting to read.I am not here to discourage people who want to bring lots of traffic through their blogs – but there is something i am tempted to tell you here.Why do you want to bring thousands of people to your web site or blog when just a couple of people can make the same money as obtained through thousands of visitors.You need laser targeted traffic and not just some fireworks of visitors to your blog.


How to get people to visit my web site – but is that really worth?


What i am coming to tell you is that it is not so easy to use the free traffic sources to bring traffic and it is so much harder to make money through traffic obtained through sites like digg or stumbleupon.The previous statement is not completely true but it is true when most of the wannabe MMOers are concerned.Sites like digg will be very useful for blogs whose monetization method mainly depends on the site’s reputation.So if you have got a digg everyday then you can show to others that your site gets diggs regularly and is evolving into a brand.This will be useful for getting ad spots.


But for others who blog about acai berry and weight loss pills,digg will not give a shit.So it is better to start concentrating on the following:



3.Bum marketing.

Hope you are disappointed with what i have said but this is the truth and those who did understand or agree with this are going to suffer a lot :D


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