Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don’t waste your time tracking the SERP everyday – use this free Google ranking monitor tool

Some web masters or wannabe webmasters get too excited and result in checking the SERP everyday – that is not a bad thing but what is the use when you are doing nothing to the site but constantly checking for the SERP position.The worst effect happens when you have more than 10 or 15 keywords to track.So what really is the solution?I know that people cannot pass a day without checking the SERP positions for their target keywords.


Use this free SERP monitoring tool to track the SERP without you typing the keyword manually in google search and seeing it for yourself.This is a must-have for all web masters.There are some other paid tools that do more functions but if you are looking just for a free one then this is a big deal.Here is the free seo tool:


Kudos to for this impressive tool.


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