Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Analyzing why your web site sucks – Pingdom comes to the rescue

Did you think that the content alone is enough to produce high gravity towards the readers?Well,if you were of that notion,you were completely wrong.The load time of a webpage matters too.So it is up to you to decide whether you want the google searcher to read your webpage or piss him off because your webpage loads,loads,loads but never shows the content.


Thanks to pingdom .. it shows you how and why your website sucks.As you could have noticed,my blog loads a bit slow.Why is that so?Let us analyze.


So i go to pingdom and enter this blog’s address.Here are the results i got:




Now the green bar  in the picture shows how long it takes for the file [an image,javascript or anything else] to get downloaded to the client.As you could see,one of the files in my blog loads like hell.That is the script given by apture – so if i had removed it,the load time would have become much faster.Anyway,i am not going to do that because there are not really large amount of visitors to this blog and i feel myself that i have a lot more to offer through this blog,but am really not doing it.So i just did not make any adjustments – maybe i will do that in future.But if you have a blog that is very dear to you or is making lots of money for you then this is a very serious thing to consider.Make sure to optimize the web page and keep the load time small.Similarly you can get more details through pingdom.Just see for yourself and everything will be clear to you.


Go here to see why your site load time sucks like hell:



EDIT:It is better to do the test for about 3 or 4 times and then see the average results.This is because the load time for a particular file may also be too high because of high volume connections to a web server [where the file is hosted]– but this should not always be the case.May be it just happened unfortunately while you were doing the pingdom test.So it is better to observe the average load time.Hope that helped.


In the screenshot above,the green button is the interval between the connection establishment and the arrival of the first byte – this is what was slow for the apture script while doing the pingdom test.


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