Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There is lot more other than the Search marketing

I had discussed about certain vital points about the web site marketing in the previous blog post.Now let me discuss a little more about web site marketing and also tell you a little bit about local marketing.By local marketing,what i  mean is that you are focused more on people in your local area.For example,if you are selling dresses in UK then there are certain steps that you need to take that can in fact make you attain better SERP position.


Attaining better SERP position can be a lot more easy if you , the correct country level domain,

2.get hosting in your country – now suppose you are targeting the UK users,you can try hosting in the UK.just google Web Hosting UK and you will be able to go through all quality web hosting providers in the UK.


Now the second point mentioned above is always debatable.Everybody is sure about the first point but nobody is sure if getting hosting in the UK will be able to boost the SERP positions or not.But still i do not think that there is no harm in getting hosting from UK if you are aiming the UK people.Remember that there are so many other hosting providers who are very credible.Just do not restrict yourself to hostgator or bluehost.


Search marketing:


Like i mentioned in the previous blog post,search marketing has always been great.But when all attention goes to just that,you are missing a lot of gold mines.Here are some more that can benefit you: leads, buying,

3.create buzz by publishing in other popular niche blogs – in other words,guest posting.Guest posting will do wonders in a niche wherein there is a  huge audience.Remember that you will be able to get hundreds of RSS subscribers by guest posting in a blog where in there are already lots of subscribers.


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