Sunday, December 13, 2009

Converting csv to blog posts – impressive !

Gone are the days when you have to write articles which is kinda boring shit.But then lots of freelancers came along the way.yet you know,you have to pay money to get those articles done.There are some who would want to get articles at the lowest possible price.And for those people,converting the data in CSV to blog posts would be the best idea.

Remember the advantages of such a feature:


1.1000+ blog posts without any additional cost [cost involves the money paid for the tool],

2.importing huge number of databases,convert them into CSV and then publish them as wordpress blog posts – now imagine the amount of content you will be able to get through this feature.The site would be massive,and i think you know very well about how google likes sites with massive amount of content.As time goes by and your site becomes old,traffic would literally get bombarded into your site.

3.Avoid all those freelancers – save lots of money !! – touch nothing.You will have increasing content and thereby, $$$


“But what tool does all this for me” ?


Wondering about this?Well,here is the solution:

WordPress CSV Importer

The above wordpress plugin does everything i have talked about above.And surprisingly,its really very cheap.Just go onto that site and you will be impressed.I bet.


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