Saturday, December 19, 2009

Interesting article about the Search Engines History

So what do you really know about the search engines?You now that they crawl the web sites,index them and later run some algorithms.rank pages for keywords,key phrases and also kick out the spammers …..But that is not we are talking about right here.I am talking about the evolution of the search engines.And if you say that you are not aware of anything about it,it is time you did right now.Here is an article that is good at explaining the history in a small number of paragraphs instead of boring you to death with intolerable quantity of details.

Is there any other article that was of interest to you?Let me know and i will post it here.And keep the topic of that article to search engines and nothing else.


Future of the SEO:


2.alive ?

3.does not have any future? ….  sorry,i really cannot say anything about this because the question FUTURE OF THE SEO is itself a dumb one.And people who say that SEO will be dead have not really got the hang of it.Those would be the people who think that SEO is spamming.They should first learn about SEO and then talk about its possible future.


Anyway,what do you think about that?let me know.



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