Friday, September 25, 2009

Interesting Search Marketing stats posted in SEland today

An article posted on the SEland today has some interesting stats that really should excite every search marketer and those providing the SEO,SEM services.Here are the stats shown on the article:

    • Search, as an industry, is growing from a $12B industry in 2007 to a $25B industry in 2011—100% growth in just 4 years (SEMPO)
    • CPC costs are on the rise—Google’s average CPC rose 15% last year
    • Consumers click on natural listings 85% of the time according to research (from Forrester)
    • Meanwhile marketers spend 85% of their search budgets on paid search (according to Marketing Sherpa)
    • 56% of Google queries have 0 paid ads placed (each of those queries present 10 “non-paid” or natural search results (or for the forward thinking, “ads”) on the results page) (according to comScore)

It is really nice to see search industry growing by a huge percentage – i wonder where this would go when many other countries which have not yet evolved,as far as online shopping is concerned ,also become biggies in buying through the internet.Anyway discussion about that part is beyond the scope of this article.I just wanted to show you these stats posted in SEland and here is credit to the article which shows these stats:

If you have come across any such article showing more deep stats or demographics,let me know through the comment form or the contact form.cheers.


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