Sunday, September 20, 2009

Contact form for Blogger blogs – blogspot widget

Do you know what sucks with giving your email address in the blog?You seem to get e-mails that look like shit.Ever since i added the e-mail address in this blog,i have been starting to get these shit e-mails which i have no idea how to get rid of.

Anyway,this is a lesson that you all need to know - never give your e-mail addresses in the blogs openly as e-mail harvesters are going to crawl and spam you to death.

What is the solution then?

Use the contact form given by the below web site.You just need to display the contact form and there is no need to display the e-mail address at all.

this is the service i am talking about:

it works for all blogs.You can either place the code just before the end of body tag [as suggested in the web site there] or you can place the code higher if you want the contact form to appear sooner.Use your own discretion for this.I have added a contact form here so that you can share some cool widgets with me and i may also add your guest posts.Feel free to send me a ‘hey’ message or a guest post.

Stay cool.


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