Monday, October 5, 2009

Image Resizer is a must for celebrity bloggers

Long ago, i had a celebrity blog where i was posting hundreds of images each week.Those were crazy times when i was concentrating madly on a celebrity blog – i want to show the blog here but since i totally fucked it up,i could not.Anyway that is not needed here.If you have a celebrity blog then the image resizer becomes a must since you could save lots of upload time and also save disk space in blogger.


So here is a resizer that does the job brilliantly.Since i am a AIR apps lover,i searched for such an app.Here it is:


And i suggest you use windows live writer since it has got a lot of cool features.If you have 10 or 15 blogs then this will become a necessity.But remember that if you use a blog editor then you will not be able to add jump breaks which has been the latest update from the blogger team.

If you know of any other cool tool that could be of any use to bloggers,lemme know.

stay cool


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