Saturday, March 7, 2009

“Google is an infant !” - i cannot believe it

Techcrunch has posted today an interview with Marissa Mayer [the VP of Google search products and user experience – she is also the first woman employee at Google] .In the interview she speaks of various things like Google recently placing ads on Google news and lots more .The interview was pretty good but one thing that Marissa says in the interview is this :


I’ll search for the answer to those questions but that’s why I think that not only is search in its infancy in terms of the evolution of the technology, it’s also in its infancy in terms of how much people use search because you know me with my job being a search addict I would think that I would be searching about as much as anyone could


She says Google search technology is still in its infancy .Do you agree with that ? Iam already amazed by how Google detects the paid links [so as to improve SERP] and how it calculates the most relevant pages for a keyword with so many factors and a well optimized algorithm.But she still says its just in its infancy.


Clearly it means that Google has a lot more to do in the search technology – maybe it is looking to give much more importance to the personalized search in the coming decades.Whatever be it , would SEO die because of Google's to-be improved search technology ? I wouldnt be so amazed if that happens .


Here is the complete interview with Marissa Mayer on Techcrunch :


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