Friday, March 6, 2009

4 things in which you should concentrate less to improve your blog

1.Dont think of connecting with the bigger bloggers like problogger or shoemoney – you might be able to get connections to them but dont think that one day you will get a blogroll link in problogger blog or problogger would blog about your blog some day because he finds you too cool.It might happen [although very very hard] but you could have used the same time more effectively ;i say this because i find some of them doing so many long detailed comments regularly in some bigger sites – its good to express yourself but if you want anything in return for regular blog commenting and dont get it , it will be more frustrating .


2.Dont be always aiming for getting lots of RSS readers – they are important – but not much.The only thing you must aim for is keywords and getting rankings for them in  Google search results ,


3.Connect with bloggers more but if you find it to be too tiring to get a proper networking with your fellow bloggers then just leave it – some people will find it too difficult to do discussions with others and create a nice impression about themselves in the minds of others.But dont worry its just one of the ways to improve your blog .


4.Dont be worried about the number of articles in your blog – say you just have one single article in your blog regarding “starting a blog” and you want to rank for it in google.Then do enough link building until you see it coming up on top of SERP.


Some people just assume that by doing lot of regular blogging , they will rise in SERP ; One blog post is capable of making over 100 dollars a month if you do the job properly.


Hope this was useful to you.I will be giving you more such specific tips in the coming weeks.So keep checking the feed .


Acai Juice said...

Definitely an interesting perspective. I notice there's a tendency to try to do everything all at once in general, and even more so online. Doing just a few things really well is a good implementation of the 80/20 rule.

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