Friday, March 6, 2009

Remove adsense ads from celebrity related blogspot blogs

I had adsense in one of my celebrity blogs for a long time and got decent amount of money from it.But the problem is time has come when i should be paid now by google.So i was afraid if Google will ban my account since i had adsense ads in my celebrity BLOGSPOT blog.And i am sure they will ban my account if the staff sees ads on the celebrity blog [because it just contains pictures from other websites].So what i have done is just remove the adsense ads from the celebrity blog and i have kept them only in this blog.Iam sure i will now be paid and not banned instead.So if you have a blog which does not agree with adsense policies and have just reached 100 dollars then it is better to remove those ads as they will soon be manually reviewing your blogs where you have placed adsense ads.


This is what was advised by so many other people in the digitalpoint forum.Hope it works and iam sure it would.As i have mentioned in the blog post title , iam not sure if they ban every type of blog or just those people having pictures of celebrities in blogspot blogs.But iam sure they will be more suspicious about blogspot blogs.


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