Saturday, March 7, 2009

Too many blog posts would not bring you more Google traffic

There is a larger misconception with bloggers that regular blog posting would bring them lots of traffic from Google.But the truth is no you wouldnt get ! But wait..its not the complete story.Read below to know why i say that way.


Too many blog posts in a blog is useless ?

Ha ha. not at all.I said that just regular blogging wouldnt bring you google traffic because of the following reasons :


1.Some bloggers come to the above conclusion and waste their time giving useless posts to readers or in terms of google searches [i mean the blog posts wouldnt even contain a keyword  or atleast a long tail keyword] ,

2.Since you want to post more in your blog you will ultimately forget to optimize each one of your blog posts.

If you tend to follow the above two trends then it is high time you understood that it wouldnt help you.


So why do i blog frequently ?


Although i do a lot of blog postings recently – some giving seo or blogging tips tools and some just giving you some info , I also tend to optimize each major posts of mine [those that contain my main keywords] .So if you are that kind of a blogger who concentrates on writing a lot of blog posts and also on optimizing your major blog posts then it is fine.But if you just have a wrong feeling in your mind about this huge article amounts thing then pls rectify it .


So how should i blog ?

1.Make sure some of your blog posts contain main keywords like say “make money online” or “make money blogging” – make sure you constantly build links to them.It will take months for you to rank for them but it is WORTH !! please remember that.These long term benefits are very important and you got to be in focus for that.

2.Make some of your blog posts targeted at the moderate keywords – those that get moderate amount of search traffic every day – again as i said , constantly build proper anchored links to them ,

3.Do lots of blog posts – it will be great if they are to contain useful info for your readers and also some keywords.The best thing about doing lots of blog posts is that you have a high probability of getting traffic from long tail keywords.


But always dont rely on the long tail keywords.It is perfectly possible to reach top positions for competitive keywords or atleast the moderate ones.You just need to be patient.Have your goal tattooed in your cerebrum . just kidding :)


Mario's Webmaster said...

i agree with you. thank you
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m4tthias said...

Hi Arshad. I'm echoing your thoughts on this topic. Good post.

FastSize Extender said...

you are write, Arshad. Thanks for the info!

Tech_Freak Stuff said...

We should write Ever-Green posts for gaining good traffic in future times!

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