Friday, March 6, 2009

So atlast Google gives a proper result to FUCK BLOGGING – make money blogging

Recently i did a crazy search on the term FUCK BLOGGING in Google but found that there werent so many interesting results for that search term.And iam not sure if anyone has ever searched for it except me.hee hee.So i thought of bringing a decent result on Google when people search for FUCK BLOGGING.I hope people who experience continued failures in blogging would search for those terms in Google .


So i started a doc in Scribd and uploaded it .Within 3 days it went to the top of the search results for the search term FUCK BLOGGING.Now iam happy because people who get frustrated making money blogging would finally get some relief after reading my doc in


What i want to stress here is that always dont try for ranking for keywords only through your own blog.Suppose say you want to rank for the keyword phrase HOLY SHIT.Then the best way to rank for it is either blog about it in your own blog and do lots of link building OR start a doc in scribd [or SLIDESHARE or HUBPAGES or SQUIDOO] regarding HOLY SHIT.


Iam sure that it will be easy if you start an entry in scribd or squidoo etc,. and rank for that keyword rather starting an own blog post and then SEOing it.YOU MAY PLACE A LINK TO YOUR BLOG IN THE SCRIBD DOC OR THE SQUIDOO LENS AND BRING TRAFFIC FROM THERE.isnt it cool ? By this way your own blog would also get recognition from people and may even have chances of going viral in the blogosphere.This could be a nice link bait if you do it properly .



This is the scribd doc i made which is ranking on top for FUCK BLOGGING :


How to Fuck Blogging for Cash


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