Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blogging will be fun until you realize your failure – finally it may suck !

Everyone gets so excited when they start blogging – dreams constantly evade your mind doubling your excitement.Calculations start to appear in your mind – you might want to become like Darren Rowse [] but the fact is that it is very very hard to become one . It is up to you to really decide whether you can face every challenge mentally until you cross all hurdles .


So why do i say it is very hard to become like problogger [Darren Rowse] ?

I really do not want to discourage you by saying you cannot become like problogger.But the reality is that it is very hard to become one.I say that because of the following reasons :

1.It will take months and even years to get recognition from the blogosphere – will you be ready for it ?

2.For several months you might not get recognition or you will not earn any income at all through your blog ,

3.When yo do not get a dime out of your blog iam very sure several of you will definitely lose interest in blogging and may go away from it which is a very bad idea.Analysis is needed here before you quit blogging.And i wonder how many of you will do proper analysis regarding blogging once you fail to meet your goals in blogging .Time may come when you will say ‘BLOGGING SUCKS !’ .

These are just the major reasons for why i say its very hard to become like problogger .


So is there any way i can become problogger ?

I cannot say if you will become like problogger .Just because you are constantly trying to update your blog does not mean you are good at blogging.What you really need to have is the thirst for giving more quality info-rich content to your readers.This is why Darren Rowse is so popular.Darren always try to give something unique to his readers.Redundant posts are almost zero in his blog .Are you capable of doing such a nice job like Darren does ? If yes then go on .You might become like problogger some day .


How to avoid frustration during difficult periods in Blogging ?

Adsense is a waste in niches like blogging and seo – you will hardly get clicks although the CPC is not bad.So the only way you will earn through such niches is through private ads or you might also try CPM ads if you have got pretty good traffic.So how will you avoid frustration until you get serious offers through private ads  ? Let me show you :


Develop some small niche websites [which might need little time for updation] like cellphones or game sites and concentrate on them ,

Try to get traffic to such little blogs [which might hardly require your creative juice to write blog posts] and monetize them ,


The above acts will go a long way in eradicating your frustration as you aim at the main authority blog .You will get money through blogging and in the same time you can also continue doing blogging in the blogging niche [or in any other niche in which you want to get recognition from the blogosphere ] blogs.You have got these enormous choices . So never hate blogging once you do not get money out of your blog.The best thing you can do is ask others why you have not succeeded in Blogging when so many are doing it well .You might try to ask such sort of questions at in blogcatalog are very helpful that they might share their personal experiences about why they did not succeed initially in blogging .


So the point of this blog post is this :

Sometimes simple dreams are very much needed to achieve bigger dreams  . . . . .


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