Friday, March 6, 2009

What to blog about to make money blogging

What to blog about? ” is a common question arising in the minds of so many blogging beginners .Just blogging about your interests wouldnt be the best way to make money blogging.I dont say you cannot blog about your interest to make money blogging.But there are so many simple ways to make money.Suppose say your primary interest lies on web development and so you want to make money through starting a web development related blog – then iam sure you are going to go through a very hard path until you reach your goals.

So make a thorough analysis on whether you could really blog about the topic and at the same time make money through it.Some blogs are quite capable of getting traffic but they just do not work well for making money.For instance , the celebrity blogs get lots of traffic but they are not so good for adsense.An adsense click on a celebrity blog would just give you 2 or 3 cents.Sometimes it would just fetch you a single cent for a click.So the celebrity niche is not perfect .


What about Blogging niche ?

This definitely is not the best idea.The blogging related blogs like mine dont go too well with adsense.Yes ofcourse a single click would give you more cents [somedays i get over a dollar for a single click in this blog] but all bloggers visiting my blog are well educated about adsense and dont tend to click ads.That is why i say blogging related blogs are not good for adsense.

But if you have lots of content in hand and are really prepared to face the challenge then you may try starting such a blog , be patient and ultimately win lots of organic traffic.You may finally use it to get private ads for your blog.Private ads could give a steady source of income.I wish i get them some day .


What about guitar blogs or pets-related blogs ?


Yes ! Blogs like these are termed niche blogs and work perfect for adsense.The only thing you will need to do is get lots of relevant links and build some decent blog posts with long tail keywords and main keywords.These are pretty simple to maintain and good to make money blogging.


What about Tech-related blogs ?


Tech related blogs are easy to maintain because there are so many blogs out there from where you can get information on the latest gadgets or software and you can post them in your blog .But unless you have some odd stuff or exceptional blog posts it will be slightly difficult to get traffic.

So it is always better to start with NICHE BLOGS rather than concentrating on bigger goals initially.Hope you got an idea about what to blog about to make money blogging.If you have any doubts in selection of a niche for blogging you may contact me :)


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