Friday, March 6, 2009

Follow people who care for their readership

I recently wanted to do a guest blog post on Dailyblogtips since i thought it would help in building a bit of authority juice for my blog.So i sat before my pc , prepared quite lengthy article regarding BUYING LINKS for SEO purposes and sent it to Daniel [admin of dailyblogtips] .A day later i got an email from him and the bad news was that my blog post on Buying links was rejected .He said he rejected it because he does not recommend buying links to his readers.Isnt that awesome ? He cares for his readers and so do i .I wrote the blog post on buying links to notify people about how some internet marketers bring their sites on to top of Google serp by buying links.Yes of course there are so many risks in it since Google might  punish you for buying links .But those internet marketers are ready to take risks.


So what i want you to know is that by following blogs like Daniel’s you will be most benefitted rather than crappy MAKE MONEY ONLINE blogs.Yes ofcourse i dont say all make money online blogs are craps.Personally i have great respect for two make money online blogs :


These two blogs are the best make money online blogs.Actually the first one is also best for SEO.The second one is the top of all make money online blogs.He is truly awesome.Instead of looking for quick money making ways and finally losing interest in blogging you may try to follow people who make sense about what they blog .


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