Friday, March 6, 2009

Live blogging – another coolest widget for Bloggers

Have you heard of live blogging ? I hope not.Here is a coolest widget for all bloggers to live stream their views to their readers.YES! you can give tips in real time to your readers and they can respond to those tips or ask you questions .Its just like instant messaging and every reader who is visiting your blog will be able to participate in it.

This is the site which allows live blogging .The steps are pretty simple.You can just login with your twitter account [other options also exist] and start your live stream.The below snaps will give you an idea :









Hope the snaps above are self-explanatory.You can add your own live blog stream by visiting this site :


This will go a long way in building a brand for your blog.Try it and tell me how you used it for building your readership.


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