Friday, March 6, 2009

How to change alt or alternate text for images in windows live writer

How to change alt or alternate text for images in windows live writer:

Google image search could bring you thousands of visitors to your blog everyday if you have quite lots of images in your blog plus if you use the alt text for images.The alt text for images is very very important ! I have a celebrity blog which got about 400 visitors from Google image search everyday.But now it got penalized bcoz i did a mistake in link building.Anyway people always tend to forget or just dont understand the importance of alt text.So make sure atleast you know its importance and do the alt text for each image in your blog.


I use windows live writer for all my blogging needs and i will now show you how to change alt text or alternate text for images :


step 1:

After opening windows live writer and selecting an image , iam clicking on the image ; it looks like below :




step 2:

Now on the right hand side you can see three tabs – picture,advanced,effects tabs .Click the Advanced tab ;At the bottom you will now see a field named “alternate text” .For my image the alt text is sshot-1 and iam gonna change it .






step 3:

I Just change the alt text from “sshot-1” to “twitter” ; hope that is a decent alt text ;See below to see the changed alt text.




Thats it.The process is so simple but very effective in bringing visitors ;If you have a photo blog or a celebrity blog it would bring you unbelievable amount of traffic.

But wait …. The indexing of these images would take time and you will not see quick results;so be patient.I received about 400 visitors to my celebrity blog only after 4 months.

For a few months it would be like Google doesnt care about your anchor text but later you will know why iam stressing so much about the usage of alt text .


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