Friday, March 6, 2009

what to do when my celebrity blogpost blog gets banned from adsense ?

It is a common practice for adsense to reject and ban celebrity blogspot blogs [those that contain only pictures from other websites] .I know that you will feel very bad if you get banned .But dont worry you can get another adsense account with completely different account details or there is another way you can use your blog traffic to make money .


Wonder what it is ? It is SHAREAPIC.NET .If you have a decent amount of blog traffic [you should have ! because getting traffic to a celebrity blog is the easiest ] then you can earn a good amount of money from shareapic.



1.Either host all your pictures on shareapic and then copy the html and paste it in your blogger blog ;The problem with this approach is that if you host on the picassa then there is large possibility that your image will come up in top of Google image search results .Although i have not personally verified it this is what i have come to know through other SEO experts ,


2.Host only the top hottest [they should be very tempting ones to be clicked ] pictures in the shareapic account and just copy paste it in the “add a gadget” section of blogger blog – by this way the pictures will always be in all the blog posts and not only be in the home page .


This is why i always stress that you should aim for larger amount of traffic before dreaming about lots of dollars .If you still havent found ways to bring traffic to your blog then you should start learning it right away and involve in those methods .


Whether you make $50 or $100 per month through shareapic depends on the pictures and mainly blog traffic.So dont just sit back after adsense bans your celebrity blog.There are more ways and effective ways other than adsense to make money.


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