Friday, March 6, 2009

Dont be too loyal if you JUST aim to make money blogging

I see people doing a lot of blog posts thinking that it would be the only way to get lots of traffic to their blogs from search engines.That is a completely wrong assumption.I blog here only because i love doing it.Earning money is my secondary thing and iam not in a hurry right now for making money blogging.But if you are desperate to make money blogging [and its your only aim]then there are certain things you should know :


* Dont always aim for giving super quality blog posts to your readers ,

* Just a moderate quality blog post with decent amount of info and enough keywords is sufficient for making money blogging ,

* Try to concentrate in thinking more in the perspective of keywords and google searches ,

* Have every long tail keyword in your mind and use them as needed in the blog post .


Why do i say ‘dont be too loyal’ ?

Because if you just aim to make money and not for loyal readers then it is high time you understood that building loyal readership is not the only way to make money blogging [actually its the most difficult one] .Dont waste too much time thinking always about your readers and what you can offer more useful to them.If you dont get enough response you will soon lose interest in blogging.

But if you are into building a loyal readership in your blog then this advice is not for you !!!


What else can i do instead of building loyal readers ?

Do SEO to your blog.

Build more links to your blog ;

try starting more blogs ;

Do keyword research and start niche blogs.

Instead of concentrating on one single blog make sure you try your hands on many other niche blogs.Niche blogs work best for adsense .


I did not want to discourage you.But i just wanted to let you know that you should keep your strategy in mind and act accordingly and not just learn from how others blog .It all depends on your blogging strategy .Its your choice !


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