Sunday, January 18, 2009

Windows 7 offers a cool blogging tool to its users

I just finished downloading windows 7 and it does seem to be quite fast.But one thing i hate in windows 7 is that when i press ctrl+alt+del i would rather need it to take me directly to task manager instead of a big screen.I hate everytime seleting the task manager from that screen.Anyway i just wanted to tell you how cool the MS Windows 7 people to have given us bloggers a nice blogging tool - "SNIPPING TOOL".I personally use winsnap to take pictures and then open up photoshop and do the editing.Although the snipping tool is not as feature-rich as photoshop or winsnap it does help us in certain times .

Here is a snapshot i took using this blogging tool and i have used some more features in snipping tool :

As you might see above the snipping tool also has a PEN TOOL and a HIGHLIGHTER to show some important things in the snapshots to our readers.


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