Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Earn more money from your blog by effective usage of ad placements - Tips

Adsense has begun to rule the advertisers world and milions of publishers are now trying out adsense in their blogs and websites.Everything is fine.People have blogs and they blog about their interests or any other topic which they feel would bring more traffic to them.They either learn them via authority websites or forums.But just placing the adsense ads in your website is not enough .

Placing the ads in your blog is just 10% of what you have to do to earn through your blog.Earning money through blogging requires a lot of effort.By  ‘a lot of effort ’ , i do not mean you have to constantly work before your computer.I just want you to be patient.Be patient if you want to earn through blogging.Thousands are already earning through their blogs and it is definitely possible for you to do.


Earning with the help of blogs requires two things -


1. TRAFFIC [ Organic traffic is better for earning money online because people who visit your blog from Google tend to click more than the regular ones ]



By nice paying keywords i mean keywords that give atleast 20 cents minimum.I know many of them would not consider 20 cents a nice pay because with adsense it is possible to earn $40-50 with a single ad click.That keyword is “cancer treatment” and more such ones.But  i dont think 20 cents per click is really bad for a beginner.But as you become a pro in using adsense and blogging for earning via online blogging you might open up more blogs targeting keywords that give you more via a single click.


3.EXPERIMENT [ This feature is not required for people who do not want to get the best out of their blogs.I have personally known one of the bloggers who does not listen to my advice at all.I wanted him to fully optimize his website for earning more via adsense but he never listens to me .This is a very bad thing ].


Remember with proper experimentation with your blogs it is possible to earn an extra $300-400 through blogging online.Never underestimate anything.Every tip that you learn in forums have to be tested before you doubt its significance.Many bloggers do not understand that.This is one of the mistakes blogger do with their blogs.


Without experimenting with your blogs you are losing atmost a 50% of what you are earning now


So always make sure you take risks [be prepared to lose a small percentage of your earnings if the ad placements reduce your earning online].Finally if the experiment brings you more money you can stick to it or perform more experiments and if it brings very poor money revert back to old setup.I will also be pointing out a few of the experiments you might do with your blog now and see if it brings more income for your blog.




This is the best setup as far as i know to get highest CTR .I have personally tested this in one of my celebrity blogs and usually i get  a minimum of 5% CTR.

NOTE : The ad colour is very important .If you have the navigation links in white color try to make the ad colours in white.Dont forget to change the ad color and test it again if it bring more income for your blog.

Test atleast for 2 days,Dont just test your ads for 3 to 4 hours and then say your experiment is a total failure.As i said be prepared to lose a few dollars.




I have seen so many bloggers using the image ads in their blogs and complaining about lesser CTR.The image ads usually bring poor CTR and inturn less money for bloggers.I would recommend link ads for people getting very low money through their blogs.They have produced me amazing results.Please try it out.



Use a strong layout for adsense ads.

I have not tested it personally but i feel this might help.You may place ads in boxes like these :


sidebars copy


As you might see the sidebars for ads are now looking a lot more eye-catching.


It is not just ads that will bring you income for blogs but the layout is very important.Always make sure you choose the right blogger template before you place adsense ads in your blog for earning money.

For example i had initially kept a black background for one of my blogs but after changing the layout to white i saw nice improvements for my blog earnings.So be very decisive about your blog layout and template.For a collection of resources for blogger templates have a look here :

Beautiful blogger themes and templates


So start experimenting today and let me know your results .Hope this article gave you a bit of what you have to do to earn money from blogging.I will discussing more such articles  in the coming weeks.Good Luck !


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