Saturday, January 24, 2009

Would adsense and adwords die if everyone becomes a pro in web surfing ?

Although blog owners and website owners have started to earn money through affiliates and private advertisements , Adsense is still the primary choice for many people.Its because they either lack the skill to promote sales or they just are unaware of the fact that affiliates might pay more than adsense if used in the right way.The bad thing about adsense is that the ads most of the times are not good for people clicking on them [mostly the link units ] – i mean they did not click on those ads to see things unrelated to what they were looking for.But this is what happens mostly in adsense. So i have a question for you? Are we  [and the adsense people ] cheating  people who are unaware of the fact the adsense ads are s**t.


Are all adsense ads less worthy ?

No ! i donot agree.I have seen several top quality websites using adwords and iam not talking about those people.But have you seen ads related to “make money” and “make money online” – people who advertise for those keywords are those who own websites that show text hightlights in yellow,red and in every possible color and all such crap.People click on those ads because some are even unaware that they are ADS !Now i wonder what would happen if every person surfing the web comes to know about these ads and that clicking on them is a waste.What do you think will happen to adsense and adwords ?


Let me talk about a specific niche now – because that will give you a more clear picture of what iam talking about.Let me take the CELEBRITY niche.As you might have heard its the less paid niche in adsense and i have a celebrity blog about Bollywood [indian cinemas] .The ads that appear on my site are very tempting for people to click on them .


For example i get ads like these on my celebrity blog :

Aishwarya rai na**d

As you might have predicted these ads have a very high CTR .But when these ads are clicked the websites that get listed talk or show nothing about the keyword shown in the ad.So iam asking the adsense people and to all of us publishers “ARE WE CHEATING PEOPLE WHO ARE UNAWARE OF THE BACKGROUND STUFF  IN THE WWW?” .So will adsense and adwords become useless once people get to know everything about the www ?Or will adwords have a more stricter policy in the coming years ?What i have talked about now might be impossible .But i just thought about this and the very thought frightened me.

Guess what would happen if no person in this world clicks on adsense ads.What would happen ?


karthik said...

hi da arshad you know lot than we i thought . i think you ll become a real professional blogger .but one advise cut short your descriptions keep them short and crisp
you rock body ????????

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