Saturday, January 24, 2009

What can i do to enter top position in Google SERP and get traffic to my blog?

First of all let me tell you my answer [its the same old boring phrase] :


QUALITY UNIQUE POSTS is the best way to enter top positions in Google and the best way for getting traffic to blogs .

What does that mean ?

quality post => It means the blog post should be useful to your readers ; it must be something that your blog readers would enjoy , it must be something that your blog readers can use to get benefits,it must be something that gets your blog readers money [rarely are blogs that satisfy this requirement].


Unique posts => Just because i say the blog posts should be of high quality do not copy paste certain blog posts from problogger or courtneytuttle .It would definitely hurt your Google rankings because of the duplicate content .It must be something that would be found useful even by people who have quite a lot of experience in blogging.But that is not a necessity.Even if you help blogging starters it would be splendid.


Why do you say quality unique posts is the best way to enter top position in Google SERP ?

I say the above thing because such posts bring you LINKS [which is the most favourite dish of Google].


wondering how that is possible? Writing quality posts gets you backlinks ? Baffled by that statement or you do not agree with that ? okay.Let me show you an example :


Illustration showing Quality Unique posts is the best way to enter top position in Google SERP :

Iam taking the following blog as an example to show you this fact :


some stats about the above blog :


Author: Peter

PR : 3

alexa rank : 58592

backlinks [as shown by yahoo ] : 40581



what should i learn from the above stats ?

Did you see how many backlinks he has got – 40581 currently. have a look here if you dont believe me :



How did he get so many backlinks ?

Well he did not get them.They just came along his way.yes.people found his blog so useful that they all linked to him [ may be some of them might be link exchanges ].When i was a blogspot starter , i had so many doubts about how to install gadgets ,recent posts in blogger etc,. But i did not find the above said site or any other sites solving my problems.Had i found this blog earlier i would have been so happy reading his blogger tutorials that i would be generous enough to link to his you now understand why i wanted you to give quality posts to your readers and not craps ?


Just see the yahoo site explorer how many BLOGSPOT USERS are linking to him !That is the power of quality posts [ see the definition of quality posts again if you dont understand its significance] .


This is the reason why problogger and courtney is still in the top position for Blogging niche.Hope you all would have read his articles .Werent they useful to you ? So i think you would never mind passing some link juice to them.isnt it ?


so stop thinking about earnings, traffic ,backlinks etc,. and just concentrate on what you can give to the blogging community.As you concentrate on this particular thing , other things will just follow you.You might not ask for link exchanges or guest blogging or paid links etc,.


Hope this post was useful to you.So i think you would not mind linking to my blog or this blog post .Do you ?


ha ha. Thanks for your patience to read the entire stop asking questions like how can i bring traffic to my blog , how can i get backlinks etc,. and remember this blog post ever and recommend this blog post to others.


So the point of this blog post was this :


Writing quality and unique posts is the best way  to get backlinks and best way to get traffic to blogs .


Blogger Tutorial said...

Many thanks Arshad, the post you made has so much widen ma mind of blogging. Your point is 100% correct and accurate in what knowledge i have. Great share brother.

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