Saturday, January 24, 2009

Are SEO jobs equivalent to data typing ?

There was a hot discussion in the digital point forums a few days back.A user said that SEO is data typing.So many of them opposed to this , including me.I strongly feel that SEO shouldnt even be compared to data typing.


Why is SEO not like a data typing job ?

The user who posted the thread said that SEO pros just fill forms in directory submission sites and in other sites to promote the site for which they do SEO and so can be compared to data typing.But is that all he thinks is SEO.not at all !!


Although SEO involves concepts that are easy to learn if we have good resources like forums available today – it still requires a bit of experience in this field to do the job.Doing SEO might not be a big rocket-science job.But it shouldnt be compared to data-typing.


There are so many SEO guys optimizing a particular client’s website for a single keyword.He makes sure the links he builds for his client for that particular keyword are reliable and are not spam.He makes sure he reaches the top position .Another thing in SEO is keyword research.SEO guys mostly have access to all the keywords in a particular niche and aim for a list of keywords for bringing traffic to their client’s website.


SEO job requires learning concepts and applying them in a right way.A single wrong thing in your SEO process will bring the whole website down.So what would happen to the client then ? And what would happen the SEO company’s reputation ?Building links for a website can be done by everyone but building them just does not do the job.It has to be done in a right way in a right amount of time.


You can find the thread in the forum below :


So what do you think  ? – IS SEO EQUIVALENT TO DATA TYPING JOB ?


Athan said...

I agree with you, SEO is way far to compare with typing. SEO needs thinking and has a process. Typing for me is just encoding of what is needed to transcribe..

Anonymous said...

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