Saturday, January 24, 2009

Can changing a blog or website design affect Google rankings or blog traffic ?

This question is one of the FAQ in digitalpoint forum.Many people fear to change the blog design or the website design since they think it might affect their ranking in google.Well Google does not say anything about this.But a few webmasters have said their opinions and i totally agree with them.So you cannot take this advice for granted but its the best answer i have for this question.


What is the answer ?

My answer and several of the webmasters’ answer to this particular FAQ is this :


Changing the website design does not alter the Google rankings provided you keep all the links intact – those that link to your inner pages .

For example say you have a TOP POSTS ,FEATURED POSTS AND OTHER SUCH GADGETS in your homepage.When you redesign the webpage make sure you do not remove them .You can change where they are – changing the position is allowable.No problem with that.This is the FSA [frequently suggested answer ] for this particular FAQ .


But remember that this might be wrong.This suggestion has been given only by people who have experience in SEO and is not an official statement by Google.


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