Friday, January 16, 2009

Top Blogger templates – Best themes available currently for blogger

Blogger has been the top preference for all bloggers.The wordpress platform is the best but the problem is that advertising is not enabled in the free wordpress blogs.But if you are going to develop a professional blog then you have to learn how to use wordpress,A big disadvantage in the blogger blogs is that there are only a few blogger default templates – although there are so many of them being released everyday ,i find most blogger blogs using the default templates.Iam not sure why – but maybe they are unaware of the availability of cool blogger templates.So iam giving you a big list of blogger templates here .Make sure you backup your blogger template file in notepad or wordpad before you do any changes .


The blogger template of my blog [thanks to Mr.Antonio , the designer of the blog template ] :


You can learn about how to add a new blogger template here :

How to change blogger templates


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