Saturday, January 24, 2009

List of article submission sites to increase traffic to blogs

One of the users in digital point forums has just posted a thread giving a huge list of article submission sites and you can view them here :


Use them to increase your rankings in Google .I have posted a few articles and the change is definitely seen in my blog’s traffic from Google.So do not be lazy and start writing articles for these sites.Its said that some of the sites listed in the above list do not allow dofollow links .So make sure they  allow dofollow links in the article and then post to them .


How should i use links in the article ?


* Do not use the same anchor text again and again.Use variants of the keyword phrase you use .For example if you want to target the phrase “Blogging tricks” use keyword phrases like these :


Tricks and tips for blogging

top tricks for blogging etc ,.


* In the article , Use links to both your homepage and one of the inner pages .This is a nice way of building authority to your blog.You must not just get links for your blog homepage .you should also get links to your inner pages.Say you have 5000 links to your homepage – Google sees them and understands that your blog is cool – but them it finds there is  not a single backlink  to your inner pages – So google kicks you out !


You must not just get links for your blog homepage .you should also get links to your inner pages.


So do not let this happen to your blog .Make sure you spread the link love to all your inner pages.


Digitize My Photos said...

I've changed my back linking tactics as well and started writing articles and submitted them to EZinearticles, goArticles, and ArticleCity.

That is good advice to link to your internal pages as well. I have done that and have seen some improvement of my sites in the SERPs.

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