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Tips For Creating an Adsense Website

Tips For Creating an Adsense Website

Nowadays, it is near impossible to surf Internet for one or two hours without seeing “Ads by google” advertisements. The Google Adsense allows webmasters to display advertisments according to the content of their site, and get paid from the ads. The earnings can range from few dollars a month to 5-digits amount. Here are some tips to before you start a website if you want to have your adsense earning too.

1. Niche

Create a niche site with enough advertisers and high paying keyword, but not crowded with too much competition.

This post brings out nicely how to get the idea for a good niche. While being written mainly for community/forum site, it sure applies to whatever website that you plan to do.

When you found the niche / keyword that you like, try to do a search at google. 10 millions result is not good - it’s too competitive. It is much harder to climb to the top search engine result page if there are 10 million competitors compared with 1 thousand competitors.

If it is too crowded, drop that keyword and find another one. But beware if it is too low too. Very likely that indicates a low interest in your chosen topic. Try to find somewhere between 10,000 results to 500,000 results.

Then, use overture keyword tool to find number of searches done for your keyword. While low search number does not mean it is not good, you can get an estimate of how popular your niche is.

2. Advertisment Keyword

Now that you find a niche for your website, you want to put keywords to drive the ads. Please note that this can be different from your niche keyword.

Use a not very high paying keyword for you niche, to get around the competition. But to get advertisments that pays well, use also high paying keywords in the contents, slightly less than the main niche keywords.

This is because adsense will serve ads that it thinks will perform best, and most of the times that means highest paying keyword. Keep in mind tough, that it should still be related. Otherwise, the visitors will have no interest to click on the adsense ads. To gauge how much keywords are priced, use this overture bid tool.

3. Content & Traffic

Now that you have decided what your site is about, you need to bring in traffic to your website.

First and foremost, you need contents. Write original contents for your site, the more the merrier. Write keyword-targetted contents to get search engine ranking. Most of the times, search engine will become major source of your traffic, so pay attention to the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques. Write well for human too, it can bring incoming links from people who likes what you write.

One of the best way to create traffic is to write article and submit to article submission sites. If your article is good, it will be posted by many webmasters. In exchange, they will provide put links to your site at the end of the article. It can help in two ways. With more incoming links, your site will rank higher in search engine. At the same time, readers who found that your article is useful will go to your website.

4. Advertisement Placement

Generally, advertisement CTR (click through rate- number of clicks per number of times advertisement are shown) range from 2% to 10%. If lower than 2%, that means there is room for improvements you can do to increase your income. If it is higher than 10%, however, it may raise the red flag of click-fraud.

Where and how you place your advertisments is one factor that will determine your CTR. The best way to find optimum placement form is to keep on testing. You can try different location, format, color, etc.

Generally, the placement that are most popular are above fold, with 336 x 280 rectangle, the 300 x250 rectangle or the 160 x 600 sky scraper format, using color that blends with the contents.

Take note also of number of ads you put on the page. Google Adsense serves ads based on best performing one. When you put too many ads on the page, while it increase number of ads your visitor can click, the ads clicked might be the low paying ones.


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