Sunday, January 6, 2008

January 2007 AdSense Policy Update

January 2007 AdSense Policy Update

Google AdSense has updated their policies. You can see their updated programe policies:

As usual, JanSense has been among the first, if not the first one that write about this policy update. While Inside AdSense claims that “nearly all of the policies themselves have stayed the same”, JanSense has pointed few major changes:

Publishers are now allowed to display maximum of two referral unit per product on a page, up from just one unit per product.

Image next to AdSense
Unsurprisingly, Google has included the rules regarding the use of images next to AdSense ads.

AdSense for Search
Publishers can show an ad link unit in the custom Google Search page

Copyright Material
Changes in wording. Apparently now the policy cover is tighter in term of copyright infringement.

Competitive Ads and Services
The most significant change, and the one that affect publishers most. Significant enough that JanSense has written two more posts just to cover this (here and here). There has been some different interpretation among publishers, some concluded that now publishers can display AdSense together with Kontera or IntelliText, and some disagree. Darren from Problogger thinks whatever that means, the fact that now AdSense publishers are not allowed to display on sites that have YPN - same page or otherwise - will make many publishers jump to YPN because of less restrictive policies.


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