Sunday, January 6, 2008

PPC Click-Bot Network Shut Down

PPC Click-Bot Network Shut Down

Panda Software says the central server sending instructions to computers infected with the Clickbot.A virus has been taken offline. This is a result of collaboration between Panda Software and RSA Security.

The clickbot network, first detected by Panda Software last month, was designed to swindle Pay-Per-Click advertisements like AdSense and YPN. Panda didn’t name any advertisement network in the press release.

Fraudsters set up a number of Internet addresses and posted a series of (genuine) syndicated search-engine advertisements. The bot network -comprised of more than 50,000 zombie machines infected by Clickbot.A was programmed to access these Internet addresses and to register clicks on the syndicated advertisements. The fraudsters received a slice of the pay per click advertising revenues even though the original advertisers did not receive any visits to their sites.


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